The bath project, 2004. Turning an old steel bath into a planting container. Larger photos, and notes.

(For more info: Any old iron?)

Kitchen Corner, perfect location for the old bath. A corner of Kitchen Corner that looks like a perfect place for an old bath!

Old bench to be removed to make way for old bath This old bench was always a bit too low to sit on, so won't be missed. Bring on the old bath!


Old bath, complete with part-dismantled taps And here it is, in all its glory, just outside the back door. Note Christmas tree branches, also being reused. No, I can't throw anything away . . .


Part cleared raised bed Just typical, that you run out of plastic sacks for the soil when there's still some left to bag up. Work stops on clearing the raised bed, with plastic sheeting as a precautionary measure against a) rain making it muddy and b) Rosie the cat making it smelly.


Plastic sacks full of soil, filling Kitchen Corner On 'Ground Force' on the TV they always have a skip outside*. In the real world I have to settle for plastic sacks dumped in the corner.

*(I mean a skip as in a container for rubbish, not a skip as in that little jumping dance you do with your feet. Though I guess anything could be going on off-camera. And it was once requested that Charlie Dimmock jumped up and down on a trampoline. Wonder why? Anyway, back to the plot . . .)


Bath moves closer to intended target area. As there was only me there, no action shots of me dragging this bath across Kitchen Corner were possible, as I couldn't do bath-dragging and photo-taking simultaneously. Photo taken during one of many rests - here is the bath, almost in position.


Waheyy! Bath in position. Waheyy! It fits! Bath in position by the wall, under the forsythia and ivy. Note that the apparent whiteness of the enamel is a trick of the light - it never looked that clean when it was in the bathroom.


Bath painting begins, and a drainage layer of crocks is in place The bits that will show are sanded and painted with grey undercoat. A thick layer of crocks (ie broken pots) covers the bottom of the bath, for drainage. When you're as clumsy around the kitchen and the garden as I am, you acquire a lot of broken pots over the years . . .


Ready to be filled with planting medium Not too bad, but still needs filling with soil and compost. Unfortunately I'm exhausted and need to make sure I can get my back to straighten up again before I continue.


Bath ready for planting, March 2004 10 March 2004 - bath ready for planting, and a couple of (currently resting) ferns are planted in there already. Note potted hosta collection in front of bath - these will be arranged more artistically later. Plants like the bamboo at the left of the bath will be assembled in front of the bath to disguise its bath-like qualities. Job well done, methinks - need to buy some new plants now.


Plants in bath planter, 11 July 2005 11 July 2005 - bath planted up with a couple of clematis, Zantedeschia aethiopica 'Crowborough', astrantia, acorus and primula. The less attractive parts of the bath (rusty metal legs, and wastepipe) are hidden by strategically placed pots.

Bath planter: 1 | 2
Old bath, now a large garden planter

Above: Old bath, now a large planting container.