Frosted leaves of Hellebore, January 2002

Above: Frosted leaves of Hellebore, January 2002.

Garden diary: December

The witch hazel (Hammamelis x intermedia "Diane") has been flowering in its pot since the beginning of the month. I'm debating whether to buy another variety, maybe "Pallida", but as the one I've got cost over 20 I think just after Christmas is perhaps not the right time for such indulgences - my overdraft facility is straining at its seams already.

Viburnum tinus "Gwenllian" has also been flowering for a few weeks now and shows no sign of stopping. The Iris danfordiae have just begun to flower, and I'll try to take photos and post them on here soon.

Lots of hard frosts up here - even in my sheltered garden. Looking forward to spring ...

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Garden diary: February

Hellebore 'Potter's Wheel'

Above: Hellebore "Potter's Wheel".

Garden diary: February