Camassia, May 2005

Above: Blue Camassia, May 2005

Garden diary: April

18 May 2009 - Luminous evenings

This springtime-into-summer part of the year - April to June - is my favourite. The evening light in particular after a long dull winter. And the freshness of the green, in that evening light. Though it shouldn't surprise me, after so long here, it still does surprise when the sunlight hits the side of the apple tree and the end wall of the garden, late in the day, being so high in the sky now it can reach areas shaded all the rest of the year.

So evenings become luminous, and extend gently into nightfall. Dusk in the garden and I'm wandering with nothing in particular to do, having done the most important tasks, and forgetting the rest, not caring really, because birds are gently singing the evening away. Inside, the radio mutters about politicians and their moats, trouser presses and chandeliers, but outside, in the garden, such things are left behind, as a blackbird demonstrates an impressive vocal range from his position on the chimney top.

And a robin flits past me and lands on the tray of bird food close by. Thin legs look too meagre to hold him up. Perfect tiny thing, turning his head to one side, checking for danger, checking for food. He eats, looks around, flies off again, over the fence, away. He seems to have taken any cares with him, and so sitting out here for a little longer seems appropriate, rather than going back inside to do the washing up.

About time I looked at things properly, rather than rushing around. Woodland Corner looked sadly sparse and pathetic last time I paid proper attention, but is now a happy tangle of green, with a few white flowers. That late sunlight reaching over the house roof certainly helps.

Above, the swifts, and their jubilant calling, high up, in a sky still blue.

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Clematis - The President, May 

Above: Clematis "The President", May 2002

Garden diary: June