Health warnings and other notes

I'll just conclude with a few disclaimers and other essential notes:

1) Make sure you don't do anything like this without thinking about it first. You need to know whether you'll be putting yourself in danger of having part of a building fall on you.

2) Make sure any key pieces of wood that appear to be holding anything up haven't gone rotten.

3) If you wake up in the night with shooting pains in your arms you need to lay off the cement mixing and wall bashing for a while. If the pain seems to originate in your shoulders, whirling your arms around like a helicopter can help. (You need to get out of bed first, particularly if you're sharing it with someone.)

4) I have to thank for much of my inspiration Jeff Howell, whose weekly column in the Independent on Sunday (he now writes for the Sunday Telegraph) made me realise that we really should understand more about the buildings we live in. He demystified bricks and mortar so much I was able to approach both of these materials with at least some measure of confidence. He is also the only person I've come across who can make the subject of damp walls interesting.

Jeff Howell's book - The "Sunday Telegraph" Guide to Looking After Your Property: Everything You Need to Know About Maintaining Your Home - is highly recommended.

Millennium Shed: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
After the initial wild yellow paint effect, the Millennium Shed was repainted.

Millennium Shed in 2002. It has been repainted in different colours many times since.