Springtime in the garden, in pictures

Tuesday 6 May 2014

My previous news round-up was ‘Summary of a summer‘. I can summarise the intervening winter very quickly: it was very mild. We’ve had some very harsh winters recently — cold enough to freeze parts of the river Ouse in 2010. In those winters gardens round here, including mine, lost plants not tough enough to survive temperatures of -10.

By contrast, I barely noticed this winter as a proper winter, and tender plants I’d normally think of as bedding plants for one summer survived the whole thing without any special protection. There’s a borage plant out there which remained untouched by frost and is now in flower again. And I picked a rose in bloom on 3 January.

So, some photos of the garden as it drifted comfortably into springtime. These photos are from early April to early May.


View from the kitchen window, 4 April.


… and just over three weeks later, the same, with everything greening up and filling out.


Even more tulips than usual, hurrah.


Close up, looking up, tulips again. Not sure of variety as couldn’t find the label. But having a definite leaning towards lily-flowered shaped tulips in bright colours, as bright as possible. And these fit both requirements, whatever they are.


But nothing wrong with green and subtle things, especially the ferny unfurling things uncoiling. This too is a seasonal highlight, in the shadier parts of the garden.


And not far away from the fern, spotted on the fennel, tiny thing.


While quietly a dove waits. Perhaps a descendant of Colin Dove.


19 April 2014, two doves. One snoozing in the bird feeding tray. They’re more like pets, really, these days. They sit around lazily waiting while I feed the cat and then feed them.


So many generations of blackbirds, over the 17 years being here, tending this patch. So many fledglings fledged. Above: blackbirds in the nest, three days ago. This nest wasn’t particularly well hidden and I could see their beaks sticking out when standing by the back door. They’ve emerged now, sturdy and strong, already up in the tree branches.

Green leaf