8 June 2008 - Millennium Shed - the remodelled old outhouse - with a new bit of curvy trellis at its entrance, and now housing an old wardrobe I'm using as a tool shed. Though this Victorian brick outhouse is showing some wear and tear, it is still standing and my 21st century mosaic floor addition is intact. Hurrah.

Note the curved bricks on the corner. I can't see any functional reason for having these curved bricks at the corners, but they are far more aesthetically pleasing. Those Victorian builders knew how to add a classy touch - and thought it worthwhile to do so even on an outhouse where the occupants stored their coal or went to the toilet.

I should add that coal and toileting facilities no longer feature in this outhouse. Now it's just seats and wind chimes and candles and other 21st century paraphernalia. And the old wardrobe. Which looks like it could lead to Narnia, but unfortunately doesn't - it just leads to my muddy gardening tools and bits of old timber.

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Millennium Shed - garden view - 8 June 2008