This website has been online for just over 12 years - it first appeared on the web in January 2001. Most of the content dates from the years 2001-2007. In recent years I've updated it less frequently, but recent reports from the garden can be found via the 'News' tab in the menu above.

These pages still get a lot of visitors, and so the hosting fees are paid every year, and I add to it every now and then. It's is a personal website, designed and maintained by one person. It has been edited and revamped on several occasions since 2001, most recently in early 2012.

When I started this site, Facebook hadn't been invented, and even blogs weren't that common, and people like me who fancied the idea of a personal website to share our particular or general enthusiasms had to learn to design them. And then having done that, we launched into this new and exciting world with a lot to say, and with the knowledge that people 'out there' were eager to read all this new internet content. Hence some very long pages on this site, and lengthy diary entries. It was part of that brave new world. (Long pages look a bit overwhelming and perhaps dated now, I realise.)

Going through these pages in early 2012 reminded me of what I wanted this website to be, and what I was trying to do. I wanted it to be bright, relaxing, cheering. I wanted it to be 'sunny', always, in this virtual garden. And I tried to make these pages as interesting, accessible and attractive as possible.

I didn't have any vision of this being a long-term project, and it's pleasing to know that it has been online for more than a decade. In a dusty folder somewhere I've still got the scraps of paper on which I scribbled ideas for the site's navigational structure, thoughts on content, and ideas for a suitable name. (As soon as I thought of 'Turning Earth' I knew it was perfect.)

'Bloom where you are planted'

I first saw these words on Ilona's garden site, and they say a lot about making the most of where you are and what you've got.

Wherever you are on the turning earth, I hope that you feel that you can bloom where you're planted. And that your gardens - whether real or imagined - are flourishing.


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Iris reticulata, March 2004

Above: Iris reticulata
Top left: unfurling fern.