"Frequently asked questions" / FAQs is something websites are supposed to have. I don't get asked many questions frequently, so these are the TIIPHWO – Things I Imagine People Have Wondered Occasionally.

Did you really do all of that concrete and wall demolition yourself? Don't you have a man to help you?

Yes, despite being a petite person of the female gender, I did do the hard work myself. This was for several reasons: a) because I could b) because I didn't want to have to explain what I wanted to someone else and then watch them do it c) because I don't believe in paying someone else to do something I can do myself.

Anything involving drilling holes in walls with a power tool is not my forte, and neither is driving the rubbish from the garden work to the tip. For these Him Indoors has total credit. On other occasions, such as shed demolition, he knows to keep a distance when I have that determined wall-bashing look on my face.

Are you mad?


How do you find the time to knock walls to bits and then heroically drag yourself to the computer and update this website so often?

I don't know really, but I hope my OBE will arrive soon.

Geranium magnificum and Allium christophii, June 2002

Above: Geranium and Allium, June 2002. Top left: Clematis "Ascotiensis"