Tulip time

Saturday 4 May 2013

Last autumn saw enthusiastic tulip bulb buying. Even packs of mixed tulips. Which at one time I wouldn’t have considered, in case they were overly gaudy or the colours clashed. Now I don’t care, and quite fancy gaudy, and after the long cold winter and the late start to spring the gayest gaudiest grandest display of tulips is required. And I’ve not been disappointed. Here’s a few, photos taken yesterday and today.

Orange tulip, close-up
‘Emperor’s Kingdom’ mix from Taylors bulbs - ‘Orange Emperor’

Orange tulip, streaked with red, close-up
‘Cape Cod’

Red tulip, white centre, dark stamens, close-up
Phwoar, love this one. ‘Pieter de Leur’.

Orange tulip, close-up
Favourite tulip, ‘Ballerina’ - lily-flowered, scented.

Orange tulip, close-up
‘Orange Monarch’

Red tulip, close-up

Red tulip, close-up
‘Red Emperor’

In the early days of gardening here I favoured more subtle colours, and bought tulips like ‘Queen of the Night’ and ‘Apricot Beauty’. Don’t any more, since discovering how good orange and red look against bright new green leaves of spring.

Green leaf